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“KLP MAMAN is standing at the frontline of the international security industry. Providing GO’S, NGO’S and privet companies with our unique approach experience and know-how. Our team is committed to ensure it clients a better tomorrow.” Iftach Kissos Chief Executive Officer
2017 Company Profile
KLP MAMAN is proud to present our new 2017 company profile presentation
"Mekomi" APP
corporation became one of our top priorities driven by our ideology to expand our professional capacity with technologies promoting our subsidiaries. We are proud to present our community messaging system APP “Mekomi” directed to emergency control and efficiency tuned to the Israeli Authorities.
Protocols and adaptation
Considering the renewal of technologies in the face of increased risk: In 2017 “KLP MAMAN” renewed the protocols and adaptation for its clients, authorities and private companies.
Red timing
In the first quarter of 2017 KLP Maman operates several red timing penetration tests to its client in different intricacy.
Loss Prevention Security Officer Services

KLP MAMAN provides its clients with a unique Loss Prevention Security Officer service, which combines loss prevention and physical security. The service is offered from the preventative approach we espouse, in order to prevent direct and indirect losses in the organization and cause significant financial savings. The Loss Prevention Security Officer is part of the organization’s operational team, subordinate to the Logistics Department. He is a partner is all of the organization’s complex logistic processes, and is responsible for the physical security procedures (security, guarding, and managing guards) and operational audits.

KLP MAMAN headquarters gives the Loss Prevention Security Manager, ongoing support and additional supervision according to the predetermined work plan.

Inspection Security Officer

KLP MAMAN provides its clients with an Inspection Security Officer service, which performs inspections, audits, and exercises on organizational layouts and processes, to examine the operational activities and the security layout in the organization.

The Security Officer works according to a plan that is pre-approved by the organization, and which includes goals and measures in order to quantify the organization’s performance and measure improvement levels for all areas and controlled activity in the Loss Prevention and Security domains.